Facilities at the 5 star Hotel Casa da Ínsua

The 5 star Hotel Casa da Ínsua prides itself on combining the best of the old with the best of the new. You’ll find excellent service and irreplaceable antiques and art combining to create the charming atmosphere of another era. You’ll also find the convenience of the latest technology, such as internet access (at extra cost).

The public areas are spectacular. The living room is a luxurious spot to meet those important to you in the utmost comfort. If you prefer some seclusion, the reading room is perfect, allowing you to enjoy the books, magazines and newspapers in a tranquil atmosphere.

Casa da Ínsua offers, moreover, special and truly unique facilities. How many hotels can offer you a cheese making tour? Or show you how jam is made? Or have a shop selling its own estate’s gourmet cheeses, wines, olive oils and other specialities? Or a museum containing its historical objects? Or its own cloister? And the uncommon attractions don’t end there.

Casa da Ínsua has a wine making tradition dating back to the 18th century. It is now recognised as one of the finest producers in the Dão region. It has the best Portuguese varieties, such as Touriga Nacional, and even, unusually for the region, Cabernet Sauvignon. Guests can book a wine making tour and even participate in the harvest, usually during September and October, depending on the conditions. A wine tasting is especially recommended.

The gardens are another wonderful facility, attracting many admirers, including Héléna Attlee, who discusses them in her recent Gardens of Portugal. She complements their astonishingly complex layout and the fact that they blaze with colour throughout the year thanks to the extensive and clever planting. One finds fascinating plants here, including rare lotuses and a monumental magnolia that has been growing since 1842. And don’t miss the woodland area, with ancient sequoias and cedars of Lebanon that date from the beginning of the garden.

For a truly unique choice of facilities Casa da Ínsua is unparalleled.


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