Hotel Casa da Ínsua, Dão Portugal

In beautiful countryside, surrounded by a luxuriant, legendary garden, stands a meticulously restored, centuries old, stately Baroque manor house. It has now been transformed into the charming 5 star Hotel Casa da Ínsua, one of the finest historical hotels in Portugal.

Casa da Ínsua is ideal for those seeking a grand and unique destination in a quieter location, whether for leisure or for hosting a business or private event. You and your guests will be in awe of the beauty and remarkable atmosphere and you’ll soon notice that these overall impressions are the result of a myriad of personal details, such as the coat of arms of the original owners, the murals on the entrance ceiling and irreplaceable antique furnishing and works of art.

The hotel is situated in the heart of an enormous working estate, which is in itself a reason to visit. The beautiful and extravagant garden was featured in Héléna Attlee’s Gardens of Portugal and there are guided tours for different parts of the estate, including the garden, the vineyards and the winery, where you can follow the entire process of wine making and taste the finished product.

You’ll be so enchanted by the unique attractions that you’ll always carry a little bit of Casa da Ínsua along with you.

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