Events, Groups & Meetings

The 5 star Hotel Casa da Ínsua is proud of its extensive and modern facilities for hosting events. There is a whole range of dedicated events rooms, capable of accommodating even the smallest meeting, up to the large Beira room, which can accommodate hundreds of participants.

Besides these rooms there are various other spaces that can be used for events, such as the patios that allow you to enjoy Casa da Ínsua’s beautiful setting.

It also offers the unique possibility of linking your event to one of the wonderful activities on the estate. Which business meeting will not be immeasurably improved by a wine tasting?  Or a tour of the garden? Even a golf clinic or tournament can be arranged.

As part of the Vidabeira tourism group, Casa da Ínsua can also involve different specialised parts of the group to arrange every aspect of your event that you can imagine, and even a few you most probably can’t. Relax while this experienced, professional team takes care of all the planning and execution of your event and makes it unforgettable for all.


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