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Porto Santo Hotels

Porto Santo is a special place, a tranquil island in the Atlantic Ocean with long golden beaches where you can dream away the day. Swim, dive or go horse riding and explore the island.

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And if that is not enough, the wonderful island of Madeira is perfect for a day trip. In such a paradise one would expect a prefect hotel and you won't be disappointed; the accommodation here is among the best, not just in the Madeiran Archipelago but also in Portugal and Europe.

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From here you may book directly with the hotels for the best prices available:

5 Star Porto Santo Hotels
Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & Spa

Perfectly set on a long golden beach on this paradise isle in the Atlantic Ocean, the 5 star Pestana Porto Santo offers everything one could expect in this tranquil retreat. Swim, walk or relax in the sun; with a superb location and excellent facilities, this is the quintessential "get-away" island beach resort hotel.




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