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Hotels in Chaves Portugal

In the north-eastern corner of Portugal, on the banks of the Tâmega River and close to the border with Spain lies the enchanting town of Chaves. The name, literally meaning “keys”, refers to the strategic importance of its location, but it’s its well-preserved buildings and traditions, magnificent natural beauty and thermal spas that now attract visitors.
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Strolling in its historic centre creates the impression that little has changed over time, with the well preserved, centuries old Camões Square, the Medieval Quarter and the ancient Castle, which predates the Roman conquest. The Roman Bridge is only a short walk away and has spanned the Tâmega River for almost 2 millennia. Even the traditional, hearty gastronomy and handicrafts seem to be straight from the Middle Ages.

In one of the most unspoilt natural areas in Europe, Chaves is surrounded by beautiful landscape and there are several natural parks within easy reach. And the thermal springs in Chaves, in use since time immemorial and unique in their high temperature and mineral content, are now highly developed, with a wide range of medical applications and wellness treatments available.

Enjoy all of this in undiscovered Chaves.

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