Hotel Moliceiro, Aveiro, Portugal

In between a lagoon, an interior garden and set in front of a beautiful Art Nouveau building that characterises the city of Aveiro, the Hotel Moliceiro offers beautiful views and an outstanding setting for your holiday or business trip.

This charming and romantic hotel is located in what is known as the “Venice of Portugal”. Aveiro is filled with long canals, bathing the city’s streets that are lined with the typical and characteristic “new art” houses. Within these flowing waters of the Vouga river are the “moliceiros”: long thin boats with rounded ends and painted in different colours.

The Hotel Moliceiro will receive you with the utmost comfort and sophistication in this unparalleled atmosphere. The hotel staff are aware that each guest is special and unique, ensuring the highest level of courtesy and service. The first surprise is at reception, where you are greeted with a glass of Port and a typical treat of the region, the “ovos moles” (a creamy regional sweet made with eggs and sugar).

This familiar and enchanting hotel will welcome you with a personalised warmth in the beautiful and unparalleled city of Aveiro.

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Moliceiro Hotel

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