Bars and Restaurants at the Hotel Moliceiro

The Hotel Moliceiro has a modern bar that offers the perfect ambience for a calm and entertaining evening. With a black tail piano, there is live music being played every night, creating an atmosphere of charm and romance. The long black bar contrasts with the modern paintings on the wall and the classic lamps, transporting you to a setting of luxury and comfort.

The arrangement of the tables invites you to sit and enjoy the beautiful sound of Piano music whilst natural light floods in from the big windows. Choose one of the soft sofas around low tables for a more intimate environment. As the sun sets, the room is lit by candles, giving this bar an even greater feeling of warmth. The staff will look after you here, serving you wonderfully prepared drinks. From champagne to whiskey and wine, here you may enjoy your favourite tipple in a cosy corner of the Hotel.

This is the ideal place to have a drink at the end of the day and try out one of the carefully prepared light meals.

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Moliceiro Hotel

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