Palácio dos Melos Hotel Viseu Portugal

In a historic building forming part of an original gateway to Viseu’s ancient centre stands the five star Hotel Palácio dos Melos. Only minutes away by foot from the most important sights, you could not be better located for a visit to this undiscovered jewel set in a region of great natural beauty.

You’ll love the bar and its esplanade’s enchanting views, allowing you a unique vantage point from which to take in the sights and activity of Viseu’s vibrant centre. Share this privileged spot with someone special; a drink here while the sun sets is one of many small moments that will make you cherish your stay here.

The main building of the hotel has all the luxury and grandeur one would expect from a palace and the new wing adds a modern element for an enchanting mix. All the contemporary comforts and facilities, such as wireless internet, are available, making the Palácio dos Melos the perfect choice for those who enjoy its unique past while appreciating the best of the present.

A delightful treat for your holidays!

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