Hotel Montebelo Aguieira Lake Resort and Spa, Portugal

In an extensive new lakeside development on the banks of the Montebelo Aguieira Lake is the 5 star Montebelo Aguieira Lake Resort & Spa. The landscape is dazzling and the unique location of the resort, on an elevation overlooking the lake, provides spectacular views.

The design of the houses and apartments is modern, with smooth white surfaces complemented by textured stone planes with natural grey and light brown tones. The interiors continue this contemporary, stylish theme. Set in over 35 hectares, including a private forest and fronted by unobstructed views across the water, the sensation is of a secluded and protected community in an abundant natural space; freedom.

You’ll also experience this freedom in the vast choice of activities. After breakfast, a dip in the swimming pool sets the right tone for the day and then you can stroll down to the marina to enjoy some of the water sports. Or take a walk or bicycle ride through the forest. And if even this is not leisurely enough for you, just relax at the poolside with a drink, reading or simply indulging in the pleasant comfort of such magnificent, unspoilt surroundings.

And if these activities, space and natural and architectural beauty sound appealing, bear in mind that the resort combines them with all the services and facilities of a premium hotel. Come and have it all at the Montebelo Aguieira.

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